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Refurbished Office Furniture

Omega Refurbished Furniture offers a great value for your business. Refurbished office cubicles are pre-owned cubicles that has been cleaned and touched up with paint and/or fabric.

Our refurbished cubicles are a mixture of remanufactured and as-is components. We might have some great looking worksurfaces and pedestal file drawer units in stock, but the panels that came with them need some cosmetic help. We refurbish the panels by replacing the fabric with new material and just give the rest of the furniture a good cleaning. The end product will look close to new and the price savings will be greater than fully remanufactured product. Since more of the original furniture is reused, there is less impact on the environment, too.

You receive your refurbished furniture quickly - usually in half the time it takes to order it new from the factory. You will also be helping the environment. Estimates show that nearly three million tons of office furniture is thrown away each year in the U.S. - most of which is not biodegradable and ends up in landfills. Purchasing refurbished workstations keeps about 90% of the original furniture in use. We recycle any materials that we can and use environmentally friendly paint and fabric in the remanufacturing process.

Refurbished Office Furniture, Refurbished Workstation, Refurbished Cubicles

Design Samples

We can design and refurbished your workstations in any size and layout that fits your needs.

See our Workstation Typicals page for some standard layout ideas to help get you started.

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