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Used / As-Is Workstations

Used furniture, also referred to by the "As-Is" label, describes furniture that hasn't been altered or repaired.
Used cubicles are resold to the next end user "as-is", without any improvements other than minor cleaning. Compared to refurbished office cubicles, used cubicles are the least expensive alternative and the best for the environment.
Omega Trading Company buys used cubicles and workstations from all over the USA. Most of the product we buy is outdated or too dirty to sell "as-is" and ends up in our stock to be refurbished. When we find an exceptional group of cubicles that are very clean and in excellent condition, we will offer the furniture for sale "as-is". Since they do not have to be refurbished, as-is workstations are available quickly. We clean them off, pack them up and they are on their way to your office. If you need low cost cubicles quickly, check out our used offerings.

Used Office Furniture, Used Workstation, Used Cubicles


Used Office Furniture, Used Cubicles

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