who is omega trading company?

Formed in 1992, locally and veteran owned Omega Trading Company has one purpose—provide top-of-the-line office furniture solutions at the lowest prices. As an Office Star Preferred Dealer, Omega offers only the best in brand-new office furniture. With our sister company Delta Installation Group—one of the largest office furniture installation companies in the mid-Atlantic region—we’re also able to offer something other companies can’t. We won’t just sell you furniture, we’ll also provide any of the services needed to install, reconfigure, and manage your office furniture inventory.



We’re also dedicated to keep old office furniture out of landfills by cleaning, refurbishing, and remanufacturing good quality product. This dedication to reducing the impact on the environment has remained a major part of our company culture. Our remanufacturing processes have become more environmentally friendly over the years as glue, paint, and fabric have improved. And any waste products (steel, aluminum, cardboard, Styrofoam, and plastic) are all separated and recycled.

Our ability to create unique custom office furniture to your specifications is one more thing that sets us apart from our competitors. In our combined 165,000 sq ft office/warehouse, we can design a stunning and functional office using a combination of new office furniture and accessories, remanufactured or as-is furniture, and custom furniture pieces. We’re the only company in the Baltimore, Washington, D.C., or Northern Virginia area that can do it all in one place!

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